Annotation Tool for Fictional Characters - Installation and Usage

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The tool is distributed as a pre-configured, single executable. It needs no installation, the annotator must simply execute the tool executable. The tool requires an Internet connection and must not be blocked by a firewall.

Starting the tool

The tool can be started by running the executable file of the tool. After the tool initialises, the main window of the tool will be presented, showing any available corpora (organised into "Collections") on its upper left part:

The annotator is expected to select a Collection, and then a Document, from the list that will appear on the bottom left part of the window. Then, the "Annotate Selected Collection" must be pressed, in order to start the annotation process on this Collection:

 Then, the tool will show the following dialog, where the annotator is expected to press "Ok":

Which will lead to the following window, which is the main editing window of the annotation process:

The editor window can be divided into four large areas:

  1. The navigation toolbar: this is a series of selection and button widgets on the top of the tool, which the user can use to open/save documents, and navigate to the next/previous document.
  2. The Document text area, which covers the left side of the tool, and shows the text of the Document along with any annotated information.
  3. The NOMAD model, at the top right part of the tool, which displays an editable hierarchy (the NOMAD model for this case).
  4. The annotation editing facility, at the bottom right part of the tool, which allows the creation/modification of annotations.